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Sustainable Urban Mobility

Sustainable Urban Mobility is not just a hype term. Active travel behaviour is cost-effective both in monetary terms and in environmental terms. Decision Dynamics helps its clients understand the current situation either in a local or in a regional / national level and supports them in developing rigorous plans. Decision Dynamics bring in value in terms of economic sustainability, community awareness and the benefits can be spread at all levels, at policy-makers, at budget-holders, at individuals wanting to enjoy rather than endure their commute.

Decision Dynamics employs a dedicated Sustainable Urban Mobility Team, which is comprised of experts with a wide range of specialist skills across the transport planning field.

Indicatively, Decision Dynamics can support the client to:

  • Develop site-specific solutions
  • Understand demand and make appropriate allocation planning
  • Propose and assess targeted actions
  • Implement Soft Actions including marketing and awareness
  • Train executives
  • Networking activities and cross functional awareness between authorities
  • Travel planning, on an organisational or on a area wide basis
  • Travel surveys: from design, to hosting to analysis
  • Stakeholder engagement and consultation
  • Walking and cycling strategies
  • Flexible working schemes
  • Parking management
  • GIS analysis
  • Carbon management.

Our clients include Local Authorities & Municipalities, Private Businesses, Healthcare, Education and Training Facilities, Hospitality Facilities, Government Organisations and Developers.

  • The first official presentation of the eMAR Platform, which is developed under the eMAR Project, took place in Piraeus-Greece, on May 27th, 2014. The eMARITIME systems presented showcased the significant
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  • Decision Dynamics Ltd proudly presents the training material developed under the Transport Learning Project. Please feel free to use and replicate the material in your training course or use it to promote the ideas of sustainable mobility and energy savings.
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  • EU Transport Scoreboard – How is your country doing? The first ever EU Transport Scoreboard compares Member State performance in 22 transport-relevant categories and highlights for most categories the five top and bottom performers.
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  • The fourth edition of World Bank’s “Connecting to Compete: Trade Logistics in the Global Economy” featuring the Logistics Performance Index (LPI).
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Decision Dynamics

Truly Global. Uniquely Local™