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Decision Dynamics addresses its clients' operational inefficiencies. We recognize that operations are instrumental for every company’s short and long term sustainability and by combining deep industry insight and market understanding we develop individually tailored strategies and optimal action plans. Every Decision Dynamics engagement is unique as is every client situation and as such our solutions stem from each client’s business model, contributing the Decision Dynamics edge.

Decision Dynamics first and foremost understands what it takes to achieve world class productivity in order to deliver top class product quality. Producing high quality products at a lower cost is a competence that the strongest companies have strategically achieved through superior cross-functional performance. This experience is what Decision Dynamics brings into every engagement, indicatively:

  • Understanding your customers and getting the right feedback from them
  • Redesigning high performance processes
  • Improving resource efficiency, Capital Productivity and optimizing asset utilization
  • Understanding cost structures and optimizing them
  • Redesigning world class Supply Chains, improving logistics functions in terms of robustness, flexibility and agility
  • Modeling transportation networks
  • Fostering people learning and developing leaders

Sample engagements and how we have supported our clients include:

  • Definition of a new logistics model
  • Evaluation of outsourcing strategy
  • Post-merger alignment
  • Design and implementation of a warehouse and distribution network
  • Optimization of spare parts logistics
  • Set up of a comprehensive logistics performance monitoring system
  • Consolidation of distribution network structures in the retail industry
  • Design and implementation of an integrated supply chain solution
  • Benchmarking and organizational development
  • Reducing material costs
  • Improving procurement practices
  • Benchmarking
  • Commercial Due Diligence
  • Customer and Channel Insights
  • Market Opportunity Assessment
  • Sales and Channel Effectiveness
  • Talent Management and Leadership
  • Operational Effectiveness
  • Organization Development / Change Management
  • Transport Modelling

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  • Decision Dynamics Ltd proudly presents the training material developed under the Transport Learning Project. Please feel free to use and replicate the material in your training course or use it to promote the ideas of sustainable mobility and energy savings.
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  • EU Transport Scoreboard – How is your country doing? The first ever EU Transport Scoreboard compares Member State performance in 22 transport-relevant categories and highlights for most categories the five top and bottom performers.
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  • The fourth edition of World Bank’s “Connecting to Compete: Trade Logistics in the Global Economy” featuring the Logistics Performance Index (LPI).
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Decision Dynamics

Truly Global. Uniquely Local™