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Marketing and Sales

Decision Dynamics advocates in favor of a strong marketing and sales strategy because it is an important pillar to every successful company. We aim to perform thorough consumer analysis, create strong brands and customer relationships, and enhance our clients’ sales and marketing systems.

Indicative Engagements include:

  • Consumer Behavior Analysis
  • Decision Dynamics aims to understand consumer needs and behavioral aspects. Based on this assessment we can devise robust growth opportunities, apply market segmentation and targeting actions as well as develop unique market offerings which capitalize on our clients’ competitive advantages.

  • Branding
  • Strong, competitive brands are based on careful market segmentation, thorough consumer behavioral analysis and widespread awareness. Decision Dynamics helps clients devise their brands and better position them, applying our expertise in digital analysis, creating positioning and differentiating our client’s offerings as well as creating brand loyalty and brand equity for them.

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Modern customer relationship management is a key pillar in successfully implementing a Marketing Strategy. Decision Dynamics can help the client divide customers into groups, according to levels of loyalty and spending. This way, the client can better understand the customer mix and therefore control them in a more effective way, maximizing the value of our clients’ customer base.

  • Sales and Channel Management
  • No Marketing Strategy is successful without an appropriate Sales and Channel Management. Decision Dynamics optimizes the sales sector by developing and implementing uniquely tailored sales channels, improvement systems for underperforming areas, monitoring the sales process, and implementing key performance metrics. Our rigorous analysis combined with an extensive execution approach supports the client in achieving superior results compared to its competitors’.

    Learn our capabilities and how can we support you:  

    • Consumer Behavior
    • Analysis Branding
    • Customer Relationship Management
    • Sales and Channel Management
    • Benchmarking
    • Market Opportunity Assessment
    • Marketing and Brand Strategy
    • Market Sizing, Forecasting
    • Sales and Channel Effectiveness
    • Focus Groups

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Decision Dynamics

Truly Global. Uniquely Local™