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About 90% of EU’s external trade and 40% of internal trade is carried on vessels, which adds up to some 3.5 billion tons of cargo being loaded and unloaded in EU ports each year. Such volumes of cargo increase complexity and risks in the global supply chains. To this extent, security is nowadays a top priority for different actors: ports, port authorities, commercial entities, freight forwarders, transport companies, logistics services providers and the list keeps on. While individual security breaches may have detrimental effects to companies in the supply chains, the disruption that such individual security incidents cause to the entire supply chains are costly and reduce effectiveness.

Security implies implementing measures in large areas (terminal facilities), in complex systems (procedures of different economic entities) and in personnel (training and upgrading of security personnel). Take for example the Port cruise terminals, the Port Warehouses, and the Port Intermodal Facilities on-shore or even the seaside of a port.

Is your supply chain ready for such challenges? What are the processes and the procedures that the company has to implement in order to upgrade its security, reduce risk and mitigiate vulnerabilities?

The Decision Dynamics stakeholder driven strategy can support the Transport Operator by:

  • carefully addressing the responsibilities of each stakeholder: monitor the business and operational behaviour; analyse the results; take action for improvement; monitor improvement; report to the relevant authority.
  • devising and implementing processes to upgrade security standards
  • improving effective collaboration throughout the supply chain in dealing with risks and threats
  • advising on infrastructure and technical equipment in implementing security upgrades
  • analyzing the security investment and improving it.

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Port Security Regulations (UK):

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Decision Dynamics

Truly Global. Uniquely Local™