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Energy & Oil Industries

Our society, as we know it, depends on energy supplies that come from oil and/or fossil fuel. These have fueled our economy so far, but are expected to drastically decrease over the next years.

Competition from alternative fossil fuels (gas and coal from alternative providers) as well as green energy technologies (bio-ethanol, wind, solar, etc.) are challenging the oil industry's business model and forcing great transformations. These challenges add up to the increasing crude oil prices and the technological advances in both upstream and downstream operations, which put significant pressure to the market players.

Decision Dynamics helps its clients ensure a sustainable future success; the Energy & Oil industry players must master the following transformations:

  • Develop strategic positioning at the company and the group level
  • Business planning including energy mix, demand forecasting, profitability analysis
  • Identify opportunities and devise market entry strategy
  • Market analysis
  • Identify and capture growth opportunities
  • Risk assessment of sourcing (sovereign risk, technology difficulties, processing costs)
  • Refining operations optimization (developing raw material / crude oil mixing, optimizing product supply, optimizing output)
  • Regulatory requirements compliance and Strategy
  • Improve bottom line in wholesale and retail operations
  • Benchmarking and Assessment
  • Debt restructuring and re-financing

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Decision Dynamics

Truly Global. Uniquely Local™